Is MySMB a con? From someone who actually bought it!

by michelle on April 7, 2011 · 0 comments

MySMB is most definitely not a con!   But it won’t make you a Social Media Guru overnight either… good job it doesn’t claim to do that then I guess!

MySMB is a training package.  Nothing more, nothing less.  It teaches you about using social media from a business perspective and as far as I’m concerned it’s a good buy!

It won’t be the same for everyone however and that is an important thing to take on board.

I bought MySMB and now I’m happily working for some fantastic people, part time from home earning a really good salary and getting to enjoy being a full time mummy.  When I bought MySMB I didn’t have two beans to rub together and finding enough money to pay the bills each month was a colossal struggle.  To me, being able to be a mum and earn a good living doing something I enjoy that makes my clients happy is success.

There are other people who bought MySMB who are earning over £10k a month and who have a list of very happy clients.  There are others who are earning £4-6k a month who also have a list of clients that smile a lot and say nice things about them.. there are some who are earning £1 or 2k a month and who are saving up for a wedding or a holiday! And then there are some people  who haven’t done anything with MySMB for whatever reason.

Some people bought MySMB because they wanted a new career and wondered if this might be a valid option for them to explore, some bought it so they could use social media to promote their own businesses, others bought it because they just enjoy learning new things…

Anyway… it’s sunny in Cornwall and (having finished my work for the day) I’ve got washing to hang and kids to tickle so I’ve recorded a video to save me doing anymore typing.  I hope it helps answer any questions that you might have wanted to ask… oh and if you’re not a mum… stick with it… it’ll make sense in the end (I hope!)

Have a lovely afternoon!

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